Career Education in Renewable Energy Technologies

Train the Trainer

The CERET Train the Trainer Academies—

The academies are designed to provide high school teachers and two-year college instructors with hands-on experience and instructional training necessary to incorporate renewable energy technology into their own classrooms. The academies are taught by veteran industry experts, and are based on existing programs certified by national training/accrediting bodies such as the National Alternative Fuel Training Consortium and the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality. Two academies will be offered each summer in a staggered pattern to meet the scheduling needs of teachers. Funding through the National Science Foundation allows CERET to provide teachers with stipends to offset the costs of tuition, travel, room and board for the class.

Ken Walz


This academy will cover the fundamentals of biofuels with an emphasis on fuel production, quality control, engine performance, and vehicle emissions. Participating teachers will produce biodiesel by the transesterfication process and perform ASTM measurements to determine chemical and physical properties of fuel. They will also perform a distillation to process ethanol fuel from a fermented feedstock. Test engines will be operated on biofuels to evaluate both performance and emission properties.

The 2014 Biofuels Academy has been filled to capacity, but we hope to offer this opportunity again in summer 2015.
Please stay tuned for more details...

Biofuel: Source and Product

Solar Electric—

To meet surging demand for photovoltaic (solar electric) training, Madison Area Technical College is pleased to announce an additional summer academy designed for high school and two-year college science and technical education instructors. This hands-on academy offers three days of hands-on training. Participants will install, inspect, and commission multiple types of grid-direct PV systems (including residential roof, commercial ballasted roof, and pole mount systems). The academy will also feature several bench top lab activities and proven techniques for teaching PV in the classroom. The Academy will be held August 11-13, 2014, at Madison Area Technical College’s PV Lab training facility in Madison, WI

Photovoltaics: Rooftop Install